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Drivn is a sustainability behavioral change ecosystem

Drivn rewards users for engaging in travel behavior with a low carbon footprint


Travel with a low carbon footprint

Users equipped with DRIVN NFT's can earn by ensuring their travel is carried out with a low carbon footprint.

We aim to incentivize the global use of sustainable transport and create a worldwide hub of caring travelers

The task is to facilitate a behavior change that will render individual decisions to use sustainable transportation.


Users get rewarded for engaging in travel behavior with a low carbon footprint.

Emissions Data

Complete tracking of user’s travel activity when using low carbon transport that will create an overview of individual's carbon emissions.


With an implemented voting system users can direct company profits towards donations reducing carbon emissions.

What is Drivn?

Rewards and benefits without the downsides of a credit card. Simplicity and transparency built right in. Leave money issue with us and focus on your core business.


Drivn is a movement, we are the home for those who are driven to make our planet a cleaner, safer and better place. Collectively, we see our role as incentivising the right choices for our environment and rewarding those who choose to do the right thing.

We consider the creative use of technology and opportunity as the bedrock for everything that we do, and believe that the future of mankind depends upon creativity and technology, with the shared goal of making our planet a better place.

Finally, we believe in the empowerment of the ordinary person to make a difference and to become as driven as we are in making our planet a better place.

Why Drivn?

We believe that Drivn tokens will be able to:

Strengthen new, positive values, by rewarding for individual contributions to low carbon footprint 

 Shape new habits with token based rewards 

Sustain these new habits, by rewarding individual engagements and creating an engaged community of caring travelers

Aligning consumer mindsets with new environment of smart cities 

Customize and strengthen motivations to use sustainable means of transport

How Drivn works?

The concept behind Drivn is Travel Sustainably & Earn

Drivn App

Drivn is an ecosystem that allows it's users to track their carbon emissions avoided when travelling with sustainable means of transport: Electric vehicles, e-scooters, e-bikes and traditional bicycles. This is possible with Drivn's carbon measurement system and EV-verification system. This can all be done within the Drivn app via a smartphone. The app will be downloadable for free for everyone to use.

How to Participate

To participate, you will need to download the Drivn app on your smartphone. In the Drivn app you will have to create an account or sign in to an already existing account. Thereafter, submit your vehicle information as requested by the app. If travelling in an electric car, you will also have to connect your smartphone with the integrated Bluetooth in the car. Or simply, open the Drivn app through Apple or Google Car play. Finally, press the start button and track your sustainable travels. Drivn's carbon measurement system uses GPS tracking, motion tracking and a built-in EV verification system to track your sustainable travels.

Friendly Competitions

The Drivn app saves the data from the users tracked travels and render a statistic overview of the users total carbon saved. You can add friends, compare your stats and participate in weekly competitions.

Get Rewarded with $GTT

With the use of blockchain technology and a dual-tokenomics model we create a reward based system, that will reward users for traveling with sustainable means of transport. To be eligible for rewards, you will need to purchase a Drivn NFT within the Drivn app or through a secondary market place like

Purchased in the Drivn app:
You will automatically have your Drivn NFT in the in-app wallet.

Purchased on a secondary marketplace:
You will have register/connect your external wallet that holds the Drivn NFT or transfer the NFT to the in-app wallet in the Drivn app. The Drivn app will automatically recognize the Drivn NFT.

When holding the Drivn NFT users are awarded automatically with our in-app token $GTT, the amount is determined by distance and time of travel, and vehicle type, when travelling sustainably. Each day you will receive a certain amount of Power that determines, up to how much you can earn on that day. Every 24h your Power will be 100% recharged. The earned $GTT tokens can be used for several in-app functions:
- Merging Drivn NFTs
- Purchasing digital Drivn Charging stations
- Customize your appearance in the Drivn app with skins from mystery boxes
- Donate for carbon removal
- Deposit to prize pools for friendly competitions.

The rewarded $GTT tokens can also be swapped to the Drivn governance token $DRVN, which can be traded for other crypto currencies, staked, used for governance voting power or cashed out to fiat for profit.

Who are we?

We're a multidisciplinary team based in Denmark with a passion for creating innovative architecture. We work with businesses and people to create a more beautiful, sustainable world. As Danes, sustainability has been a key subject all our lives and we have grown up always being reminded to have a sustainable conscience.

Nikolaj Mackenzie

Founder & CEO

Sebastian Herche

Founder & CMO

Albert Foss

Founder & CFO



- The Drivn concept of “Sustainable Travel Pays” was created.
- Feasibility study


- Mockup design
- White paper V.1


- Started Token Development
- Secured $60,000 in funding


- White paper V.2
- Secured $80,000 in funding


- Initiated app design development
- Brand awareness


- Tokens live on the Mumbai testnet (Polygon)
- Token launch strategy


- App design finished
- Collaboration with Polygon
- Team expansion


Coming Soon...


Coming in the near future...


Coming in the not so far distance...


Coming when birds start singing again...


Coming when trees are green, sun is shining and everything tastes like a cold mojito...

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