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Drivn is a sustainability behavioral change ecosystem

Drivn rewards users for engaging in travel behavior with a low carbon footprint


Reducing corporate carbon footprints has never been more crucial.

With Drivn for Business, your organisation can actively participate in the fight against climate change by tracking, analysing, and reducing carbon emissions from employee commuting.Our mission is to make it easy for businesses to gain insights and improve their Scope 3 Category 6 & 7 carbon emissions (employee commuting). We provide you with the tools to understand how your employees commute to and from work and the environmental impact it has.

Drivn for Business is a comprehensive solution that supports a wide array of transportation modes, including cars, electric vehicles, trains, cycling, and walking.

Our intelligent dashboard allows you to monitor commuting trends, identify areas for improvement, and make data-driven decisions to promote more sustainable transportation choices.

Real-Time Tracking and Analytics Dashboard

The platform provides a real-time tracking system and an intuitive analytics dashboard that displays key metrics such as total number of employees commuting, the modes of transportation used, average distance traveled per employee, and the corresponding carbon emissions.

Drivn for Business utilises advanced machine learning algorithms to analyse commuting data. This helps identify trends, predict future patterns, and offer insights on how to improve commuting habits to reduce carbon emissions.

Carbon Emissions Accounting

The platform calculates the carbon emissions generated by each employee's commute, providing businesses with detailed accounting of their Scope 3 Category 6 & 7 carbon emissions.

Data Export Functionality

Companies can easily export their data in CSV or Excel format for further analysis or for use in other software systems. This includes information such as mode of transportation used, distance travelled, carbon emissions generated, and time and date of the transportation.

Organization and Department Overviews

Administrators can view and analyse commuting data by department or the organisation as a whole. This includes total emissions, emissions per employee, and a breakdown of emissions by transportation mode.

Employee Search and Overview

Companies can search for individual employees to view their commuting profiles, including total carbon emissions and a breakdown by transportation mode.

Admin Management Tools

 Company administrators have the ability to manage employee profiles, department data, and office data. They can also remove employee accounts if necessary.

Confidentiality and Data Security

Drivn for Business complies with all GDPR regulations, ensuring that employee data is securely handled and privacy is maintained.

Machine Learning Enabled Analysis

Carbon Emissions Accounting

With an implemented voting system users can direct company profits towards donations reducing carbon emissions.

Carbon Emissions Accounting

With an implemented voting system users can direct company profits towards donations reducing carbon emissions.

What is Drivn?

Drivn is a solution designed to assist companies of all sizes to improve their environmental responsibility while enhancing their overall business operations.

Track, analyse, and report on your company's Scope 3 Category 7 emissions from employee commuting. Improve your understanding of your company's environmental impact and make informed decisions to reduce your carbon footprint.

Encourage your employees to adopt more sustainable communting methods with our built-in rewards system. Employees can earn rewards based on the sustainability of their commuting choices, promoting a culture of enviromental responsibility within your organisation

Our robust admin dashboard provides comprehensive reports on your company's commuting data, allowing you to monitor trends, identify areas for improvement, and make data-driven decisions to enhance your sustainability efforts.

Why participate in Alfa testing ?

Be some of the first to test our application in a real world enviroment by selected businesses

 Influence the development of our innovative Drivn Business application

Alfa testers will be among the first to access new features and updates

All data used during the Alfa testing phase will be deleted after the testing ends, and we maintain strict measures to ensure the confidentiallity and security of your data

Who are we?

We're a multidisciplinary team based in Denmark with a passion for creating innovative architecture. We work with businesses and people to create a more beautiful, sustainable world. As Danes, sustainability has been a key subject all our lives and we have grown up always being reminded to have a sustainable conscience.

Nikolaj Mackenzie

Founder & CEO

Sebastian Herche

Founder & CMO

Albert Foss

Founder & CFO

jayesh desai

machine learning

radia lhasnaoui

Founder & cbo

samuel valukh

Founder & CFO
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