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Drivn by MHF Labs ApS
Bredgade 36C, 2. Sal
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Frequently Asked Questions

When will the DRVN token launch (IEO/IDO)?

The Drivn governance token is scheduled to launch in January 2023.

How do I participate in the launchpad?

Sign up to our newsletter to get the latest news regarding the launchpad, including how to participate.

What is the personal investment cap when purchasing DRVN at launchpad?

$30,000 pr. participant.

When will Drivn launch the app?

The Drivn app is scheduled to launch in April 2023.

How much time does it take for energy to replenish?

When owning a common NFT the maximum power is 900 which give you 15 minutes of usage. You get 25% power every 6 hours until it reaches the power cap.

Can I get more power than 900?

Users can increase their max Power by merging. 900 power equals 15 minutes of usage.The calculation is as follows:
1. Owning an common NFT: +900 Power
2. Owning a uncommon NFT: +1800 Power
3. Owning an rare NFT: +2700 Power
4. Owning a epic NFT: +3600 Power
Further information about the merging mechanism are in the Whitepaper under “AppBackend Smart contracts.

When can I buy a NFT?

Drivn’s Drive Sustainable & Earn NFTs are scheduled to launch in March 2023.

I have a business proposal/Investment?

Use the “Get in touch” formula on our website, or email

Can I earn GTT tokens by driving in my gassoline car?

You are only able to earn GTT tokens when traveling by Electric car, Bike or E-scooter.

Can i play with my friends in the app?

Within the app, there will be an add friend function. You will be able to search for friends, but also see recommended friends (users nearby you). They will then be visible on your map and you can compare your carbon offset, share rides and show off your skins. The leaderboard will also have a friend function, where you can see yourself and all your friends.

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Please feel free to reach out with additional questions via the contact formula on our website.