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The High Cost of Carbon Transport

The global effects of pollution are staggering. According to the WHO, 99% of the world’s population is exposed to high levels of air pollutants that exceed its guidelines. Globally, air pollution causes 7 million premature deaths each year. So what is the solution to this silent global killer? At Drivn, we wish to offer you hope whilst raising awareness of the high costs of carbon transport. 

Whilst western countries such as Denmark are relatively less exposed to air pollutants, they are far from immune to their global and local effects. The European Environment Agency estimates that 3400 people die each year in Denmark from air pollutants, alongside it being a significant cause of public health problems, such as respiratory illness.

The profound effects of air pollutants on our quality of life and health are not to be underestimated. Those who have gotten away into the countryside know the refreshing difference that a fresh breath of air can make. We believe it is still possible to return to this way of living.

The Covid-19 pandemic gave the planet some respite from global carbon emissions and air pollution, as transport networks and supply chains were shut down or significantly restrained for extensive periods of time. With the easing of lockdown, the trends we have seen for a long time have continued anew. In 2021, global emissions increased by 8% to a whopping 7.7 gigatons of CO2.

The financial costs are also significant. The World Bank estimates that air pollution costs the global economy around $225Bn per year from its wide range of impacts. The savings from tackling air pollution are hefty and can help the global economy to reach its full potential.

Our mission at Drivn is to change the trend where it counts the most – in global transport. Transport has the highest reliance on fossil fuels of any sector across the globe and we see lots of potential to change the game here. Let’s take cycling for example. Tergo reports that by choosing a bike instead of the car to cover a distance of 10km, a person saves releasing 2.6kg of CO2 (not to mention the cost of petrol!)

We want to create more reasons for hope. Like bicycles, using electric vehicles which have no tailpipe, fuel lines and fuel tanks, leaves no emissions and so driving these eco-friendly vehicles leaves no imprint. Of course, some carbon may be released in the process production of these cars, or during the production of electric energy, but using those vehicles is a step in the right direction.

In the future, more and more people will decide to drive electric cars, which will have a massive positive impact on the environment, and on the wallets of consumers in these economically challenging times.

These are the kind of subtle changes that make The Difference. We want to create a sustainability ecosystem that incentivises the use of sustainable transport. Whether you are a cyclist, or drive an electric vehicle, you can earn cryptocurrency, track your impact, and just through your activity contribute to donations for environmental causes by using the Drivn platform.

All in all, the greenhouse gases and global warming are the great beasts to tackle in our times. No-one can do it alone, we believe that it is possible to stand together and all play our part in creating cleaner air, better lives, and a more sustainable, thriving environment. This is our mission and we invite you to join us.

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